Nearly Two Years in Steemit, This Is the Beginning of My Story Finding Steemit

I write this article in English which tells about my experience while joining Steem Blockchain. This article is presented in the form of a question and answer to make it easier for me to develop the content of the story that is in accordance with my experience. These are general questions that are the center of attention for all users in Steemit. I joined Steemit on last July 3, 2017, First July 1, I registered through a Google Mail account (G-mail) and waited for confirmation 24 hours. On July 3, I just joined and was legitimate to become a Steemit user with the @ponpase account name.

How do you know about Steemit?

At first I heard from other people sitting at one of the coffee shops near my campus. After listening to that I then tried to find out through Google search. When doing a search on Google with the Steemit keyword, you can see a post from @aiqabagro explaining about the Indonesian Steemit Community. I tried reading it to completion, but still I was still confused and didn’t know how to register and become one of the users of Steemit social media accounts. Not wanting to despair, I tried asking people I knew like @adilvakhri and @teukumuhas. It turned out that they had already joined, “how to register?” I asked them. Then armed with a cellphone and their determination to teach me to register and provide some input on how to publish content on Steemit. They also shared their experiences while joining Steemit.

What did you first do after being accepted as a Steemit user?

That night, if it wasn’t wrong at that time, at night I immediately made a post that introduced myself to other Steemit users. The post was titled “This Is My Life, Lets Be a Friend and Make Partnership With Me”

What is your first impression of joining Steemit?

Amazing, I feel very amazing, if you tell me to explain it, then I will have a little difficulty explaining. Maybe you can listen directly to my post entitled “I HAVE FIVE ARTICLE, HOW ABOUT YOU?” The post tells about the purpose of joining Steemit. I think that post will be able to explain the impression I feel after joining Steemit.

Are You Experiencing Difficulties in Getting Support / Upvote?

Yes, I think all other new users also find it difficult to get Upvote. At first I was very difficult to get Upvote and even there were my posts whose Votes were 0,000. However, I did not give up and did not despair. I remain consistent with my goals and improve writing and try to establish cooperation or relationships with other users by communicating with each other, commenting on, contributing to projects and supporting each other’s written work. Finally they also gave a response back to my writing.

Who Supports Your Content?

Within half a year I joined Steemit, there are 2 accounts that I really look forward to attending to in each of my posts, namely @aiqabagro and @levycore. Because I am Indonesian, I rely heavily on them as Indonesian curators to be present on my blog. Don’t expect 100% upvote from them, but when they are present and upvote my posts, at that time I can get 3-5 dollars in each post I write. I think it’s worth the price of writing. 5 dollars for me is enough and has a very high value. Slowly but surely and remain consistent to give the best posts. Whereas in mid-2018 I began to get support from @rok-sivante. He is a Steemian figure who is very inspiring for me because he has strong fundamentals. He is a good person and a generous person. Meanwhile at the beginning of 2019 I also received support from @mammasitta. They are great people who have inspired a lot about life. I don’t know, how to thank you for the support they have given. Thank you very much !

How do you add followers?

I don’t know how they can follow me. I just tried to build communication by commenting on their posts or just saying the phrase “Welcome” to new users. It turns out that without me realizing that my followers are increasing day by day, I feel very happy. Yes, what I do is just comment or just greet each other through comments, maybe you can try doing this one thing. But remember! do not occasionally make Spam in their comments column. If you do that it will irritate other users, instead of being followed but you will probably be reported to the server and it will have a bad impact on your account, you should be careful.

Thank you very much to all Followers who have faithfully followed me, I hope the writings that I have written so far can provide something useful. Even though it’s just news, information or knowledge that is ordinary. Thank you also to all those who have supported me so far. Then I hope that in the future I can improve and develop my posts and provide benefits for other account users. Finally, thank you very much for all people supported me.

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