Mother and Brother Killed, These Two Children Have Severe Trauma

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Event Chronology

A few days ago, Acehnese local media and the community were horrified by the news of sadistic murder. The incident occurred on Tuesday 7 May 2019 in Madon Village, Muara Batu District, North Aceh Regency.

Surprisingly enough, the perpetrator of the murder was a man who was the husband of the victim. The murder victim was “I” (mentioned with initials) 33 years old, and two children who were stepchildren of the perpetrators of the murder.

The two children who were victims of the murder were stepchildren of the perpetrator. They are “ZM” (12 year old) and “Y” (1 year old).

Based on coverage from several media crews, it was informed that the killings occurred at night. The chronology of the murder was revealed after one of the children escaped from the house.

At that time the victim’s child I (the woman who was the victim of the murder) jumped from the second floor of their house. In the condition of a foot that was handicapped by plunging from the second floor, the child also sought help from the local residents.

When met by the Invisible Criminal Police media of the Lhokseumawe Resort AKP Indra T Herlambang explained that, “the incident was known from the victim’s child. He then told other residents. Residents came to his house and broke down the locked door of the house. At that time residents found 3 dead victims covered in blood on the floor “.

In addition, according to information from the victim’s family, that I had time to send a message to the family. The police found the contents of the victim’s mobile sari message that said “where” and “help me”.

Allegedly strong at that time I was in a state of pressure so I asked for help.

Sadly enough, at that time the body of Y who was a toddler was found in a water reservoir in the bathroom with a stab wound in the neck. While I and his son ZM were on the floor with blood running down.

After seeing three people die in the house, the people reported the incident to the police. The police investigated the case by asking for information from the children of the survivors.

The victim was immediately taken to the puskesmas for divisum.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator “AG” (40 years old) had fled the scene. The information obtained, the perpetrator with the initials AG, fled to Banda Aceh.

The Lhokseumawe police continue to track the whereabouts of the perpetrators. Shortly after the murder, finally the Aceh Regional Police Jatanras team arrested the perpetrator in Lambaro, Banda Aceh on Tuesday 7 May 2019 at 08.00 AM GMT + 7 while waiting for the car to escape.

After the arrest of the perpetrators, the police immediately investigated it. When questioned by the police, the perpetrators often behaved strangely like crazy people and sometimes looked like people who were possessed.

Therefore, at the initial stage the police had difficulty asking questions from the perpetrators. However, shortly after carrying out further investigations, the police found a background to the murder.

Background to Murder

According to the police, the perpetrators and victims were married couples who had just been married four months ago.

The first husband of the victim has died, the second husband is divorced and the perpetrator is the third husband.

Based on an investigation conducted by the police, this murder case was premeditated murder. It was an attempt by the perpetrators to control the victim’s property.

The perpetrators were charged with three laws concerning premeditated murder, child protection law and the law on eliminating domestic violence. The suspect faces a death sentence or life imprisonment.

Victim Children Trauma

The police continue to explore the case by summoning witnesses, especially going to ask for information from the children of survivors. However, until Thursday, May 9, 2019 both survivors’ children are still traumatized.

The survivors were “R” (15 yeas rold) and “Z” who was 4 years old. Z is a survivor of the murder who jumped from the second floor. While his brother R at the time of the incident was not at home.

Until now the survivor Z who jumped from the second floor still did not dare to go home. Both are currently still living with their relatives.

Z and R suffered severe trauma so they still could not be invited to communicate optimally. Both of them looked more silent and daydreaming.

The police explained that they would provide legal protection and facilitation of the child psychologist’s rights team as an effort to recover the trauma experienced by R and Z.

Traumatic Analysis Experienced by R and Z

In this section I will do a special analysis of the trauma experienced by R and Z. According to the quote on wikipedia, trauma usually occurs in someone who experiences a terrible event.

These events can cause fear or sadness. In addition, there are other disorders in the form of feelings and also related to mental health.

People who experience events such as R and Z have a strong level of mental disorder. They will feel insecure, excessive fear, and avoid situations that make them remember a frightening event, for example about the murder of their family.

Of course the impact will cause them to look more silent and difficult to communicate with other people. The symptoms arise because of an agitated mood and excessive fear.

To handle cases like this, someone who is professional is needed to recover trauma after the incident.

Recovery of post-incident trauma is very important for children to bring them back in a state of calm life. In the end, the best advice that can be done is to ask psychologists for help in psychotherapy, provide security to both, provide space for the two to continue to socialize with people around, distract by filling positive activities, keep them away from where violence occurs, and continue to support them .

Trauma is not something that needs to be grieved all the time, but needs to be dealt with by passing the pain and fear. Support from all parties is needed in order to recover the trauma of both after experiencing a sad event.

Keep believing in what you do, be optimistic to do good. Because basically good will be rewarded with kindness even though in a different form.

It remains a protector for yourself, your family and the people around you. Hopefully this event can provide life lessons for us.

About what happiness can be achieved even with simplicity. There is no need to overdo it to master what is of bad value.

We pray that God will give them the best and the family left behind will be given fortitude.

Supporting Documentation and Explanation


the victim on the floor covered in blood. the victim’s body was covered with cloth by residents/society.


the murderer (AG) was arrested in the Lambaro area of ​​Banda Aceh while waiting for the car to escape.


medical authorities bring victims to post mortem at community health centers.


the murderer (AG) act like crazy when questioned by the police.


photo of the murderer (AG) and victim (I), both of whom are married couples.


victim’s funeral accompanied by family sobs.


“Z”, survivors who jumped from the second floor looked very traumatized


“R”, survivors who experienced trauma. At the time of the incident the victim was not at home.

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