The New Way to Invest in Real Estate

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In some parts of the country people are still busy debating the legality of digital currencies. Of course, many reasons are considered to determine the legality of the virtual currency. Some might think that cryptocurrency is not a type of currency but it is a digital asset. Some who may say that this is just a form of money that is made as a token that has a buy-exchange rate. On the other hand new problems are emerging in the world of traditional market investment. Meanwhile people who still live under the coconut shell know nothing about how the blockchain has changed the investment system at this time.

You must realize that technology has developed so fast. If you are still busy taking care of old theories and forgetting about current technological advancements, then forget that stupid thing. Throughout the day since its appearance in this world, Blockchain seems to have broken several industrial investments in traditional markets. This technology grows and develops to give the impression of a more transparent and safe adventure. The only hope of investors in the entire stock market is the extent to which investment assets can be at stake in a reliable and safe market.

Blockchain continues to strive to downplay fraudulent actions that commonly occur in traditional markets. This then raises an idea to combine security tokens into real assets. Maybe some people will experience problems in accessing investment services in real estate because of some conditions that are intended. But in the blink of an eye those things will soon turn around. Investment innovations in new real estate ways have been presented to you. Of course you will not know that if you miss the following details.

The basic thing that needs to be changed from the past investment system is to open up the creation of real estate into a tokenized real estate service. CROWDLITOKEN is a solution that will solve your current problems. Forget about the legality of your digital assets, because Crowdlitoken is a token model that fully complies with government regulations, and provides the right space for people who want to invest in the blockchain world who don’t like cryptocurrency. These are digital real-world assets built on their own security tokens. So, you will not find a debate about the legality of your assets in this real estate.


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Knowing the Security Token

Token CRT is a real-world asset that can be trade digitally on the blockchain.

This token will be a real estate property that is usually marketed by the company. In other words, these are stocks, bonds or company property such as a kind of precious metal, gold or other stock assets. CROWDLITOKEN will change the way traditional real estate investments with highly innovative digital features on blockchain technology. Of course you will benefit more from today’s financial and fintech heritage.

As an investor you have the voting power to choose which property to invest and maybe you will put it in the risk section or not. With Crowdlitoken you don’t need to think about how your bonds will be at stake there, because Crowdlitoken will be fully regulated with a high security and transparency system. This will allow you to reach the investment market in the European world or further away. This can be said as a digital revolution that might place cryptocurrency in other parts.

CROWDLITOKEN is a security token created on the ERC 20 network. This will enable investors to start easy real estate investments, eliminate inflation, and reduce costs. It could be said that this is a new way to digitize your real estate property assets into the blockchain space. So, Crowdlitoken is not entirely a digital currency, it is a security token that can digitize your property assets.


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CRT-CASH and CRT-REINVEST Security Tokens, Initial Members Get 25% Bonus

In this innovative project, there are about 2 types of tokens available for public use. Both of these tokens can be assigned to different parts and have their own benefits. Both tokens are called CRT-CASH and CRT-REINVEST. CRT-CASH can be used to buy real estate, while CRT-REINVEST can be used to invest in the real estate market. You can now become an initial member to get a discount of around 25%. Minimun investments that can be made at the start of membership are around 5,000 CRT.


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What’s the Most Profitable of Security Tokens?

You will find some great benefits including:

  • Minimize the occurrence of business fraud.
  • Tokens are created on the basis of government law, which allows a level of credibility and public trust.
  • Opportunities for real estate investment in exclusive markets.
  • Increase profitable liquidity for investors.
  • As a service to keep property safer and possible to buy and sell.
  • Can do direct or indirect access for 24 hours / 7 days.
  • There are security guarantees and a transparent investment system because data is tracked on the blockchain.
  • Reducing transaction costs, unlike traditional real estate investments that charge fees between bankers.
  • Obtain bond income, if allocating a CRT to a certain property that will generate interest up to 3.00%.
  • Generate real estate income by choosing CRT-CASH to get cash payments in the form of euro, chf or ETH.
  • Allows you to reinvest profits by choosing CRT-REINVEST, this is what is called portfolio growth.

With all the benefits and benefits, this security token is one of the unique and innovative investment opportunities.


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Exploring European Market

Crowdlitoken is the world’s first security Token that allows you to access international markets. You can make direct or indirect investments in real estate. Europe is one of the centers that many investors choose to gain profit. Because Crwodlitoken allows you to buy assets using currencies such as CHF, EUR, others (FIAT) or choose to use crypto. You don’t need to worry about investing in this security token because this is one of the first tokens to have an international security identification number (ISIN).

My Overview

Crowdlitoken is the most unique and innovative way to get the latest real estate investment. The project developed in the blockchain technology certainly has a high level of security and transparency. Blockchain is a data base technology that is large enough to contain all information, types, and transactions. There are various offers available that allow you to invest in all exchanges. In addition there are also other potential that are quite profitable. I might make initial access to investment on this blockchain real estate to get a bonus.

For More Information

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before investing in cryptocurrency or any digital assets. This blog post is only for entertainment and knowledge purposes.

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